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Boston Sorcy

kdsorceress in time_n_jaalami

Not that Narbonic influenced this in the slightest. Nope.

Sor shrugged. "Eh. Let's just pop the CDs in and see where we go. We can learn to navigate along the way."

Kat paused her work for a moment. "That seems like a phenomenally bad idea. What if we wind up in prehistoric times or something? We could get eaten by a dinosaur! Anything could...hap...dammit Sor, you're not even listening to me, are you?"

"You mentioned dinosaurs. My brain has an automatic switch off when people mention dinosaurs, because it gets all distracted and shit. Because dinosaurs rock. And anyways, do you have a better plan?"


"That's what I thought." Sor picked up a coil of wire from the mess of beading supplies on her floor, and began to wrap it tightly around the CDs, to keep them together. "Ready to go?"

Kat grabbed the other end of the wire and attached it to the fridge firmly. "Ready to go. Hop in!" The two girls climbed into the fridge, and Kat began fiddling with the dials and buttons.

There was a loud noise.

14000 kilometers away, the other pom-pom fell off the ceiling and landed on Tho's sleeping form.

There was a smokey bang, causing the clones to begin coughing and waving away the sudden mounds of smoke. "Belgium!" Kat swore loudly, as she began to get an idea of what had happened. "The zarking apparatus is busted!"

The smoke began to clear, causing the two girls to blink at the unexpected sunlight. "I thought you said it was stupid o'clock in New Zealand too." Sor muttered as she crawled out of the fridge and stretched. "Ow. My ribs hurt. Is time travel supposed to make your ribs hurt?" she rubbed her side absently for a few moments before she realized the problem.

"Hey Kat?" Kat clambered out of the fridge and gave Sor an impressed look. "Was I wearing a corset when we left?"

Kat studied her clone for a few minutes. "I'm pretty sure you weren't. The bustle's new too." Sor gave her a look, and sighed.



"You look quite dashing though."

"Yep!" Katters twirled, admiring her new tailcoat. It was a lovely light brown, and faintly pinstriped. Very tenth Doctor, really, although more Victorian.

"So, how come you get to be a tranny and I'm stuck as a trollop?"

"There's about six obvious answers that I could give you but won't. What year do you suppose it is?"

"No idea. Don't the stories usually have us finding a newspaper right about now?"

Kat looked around reluctantly; she would have been perfectly happy to keep admiring her clone's new attire. They were perched on the side of a dirt road, with a city about three quarters of a mile off in the distance. Besides that, there was nothing of interest.

"Fucking stories." she muttered darkly, jamming her hands in her pockets. "Hey, I've got a pipe!"

"Bully for you." Sor picked up a rock and thew it at the surrounding air. It bounced off down the road in a reasonable sort of way. "Hey, we're not stuck anymore!"

"Ooo, good. Hang-on, someone's coming! Sit on the fridge and show some leg or something."

Sor gave her clone a look of utter disgust, and sat on the door of the fridge in a huff. "I am so not a whore."

"No, you're a trollop, you said so yourself. Look innocent. Excuse me sir!" The last was to a handsome young man who was riding a light grey mare down the road. He reined in his horse and dismounted.

"How can I help you, sir?" He asked to Kat, causing Sor to send him a quick dirty look, and stand with a flounce.

"My navigator got us a bit lost...hard to explain, really. Could you possibly just tell us where we are? And what day it is, perhaps." Sor smiled sweetly at the man, and he gave her a puzzled look.

"Katarina, is that you? Goodness, how did you get out here? I thought you and Kathleen were going to be in the lab all day working! Really, you ladies are never going to get anything done if you keep going for long walks all day. I would've thought you to be more professional!"

The two girls exchanged a swift look. Finally, Sor spoke.

"Professor Akchizar, I would presume. I'm sorry, but I'm not Katarina. Or, at least, not the Katarina you're looking for. I think." Sor trailed off a bit and looked to Kat for guidance. "I...Sorry, what kind of lab do you run?"

The man frowned in confusion, then walked around Sor slowly. "I run a scientific laboratory devoted to making the world a better place through turning scientific fiction into reality. Currently, we're attempting to construct some of the twentieth century ideas that Mr. Verne has recently published, it's fascinating material." He finished his circuit, and tilted Sor's chin up gently. "This really is extraordinary, you are the spitting image of one of my assistants. I'd suggest witchcraft, if I knew it wasn't impossible."

"Did you say your other assistant was named Kathleen?" Kat asked skeptically, as she pulled off the thin wire frame glasses she was wearing, and shook her hair out of the top hat. "She wouldn't happen to look anything like me, would she?" The stranger gave a double take, and took a moment to study Kat as well.

"Besides the unseemly clothing, you look practically like her reflection. I've told you ladies that if you wish to wear mens clothing in the laboratory, that's your own lookout, but you're absolutely not to wear them outside." He paused, and rubbed his head. "But you're not my assistants, are you."

"I'm Sor. Call her Kat. We're not your assistants, but I think we might as well go meet them. See, we're a bit...stuck at the moment, and you might be exactly what we need to help..."


Next chapter snagged like a cheerleader at an all-boy's school.
Also Wooooo! Go destroying all my plot plans, why don't you? :P

I have several ideas about getting this back on track, and hopefully explaining why I'm there as well. Whether or not they'll turn out remains to be seen!
Bullshit you are, I haven't written in ages. The next chapter's mine!
Tho! Kat! Loveys! You're both such lovely non-humans! Don't fight. And if you do, fight nice. With pillows. And jim-jams.

Well, I'm already in my jim-jams. If Tho'd be kind enough to provide the pillows I'd be happy to oblige.
*provides pillows*

It's kinda hot right now, so I guess I'll just strip down to my boxers for jim-jams. If you don't mind...
No, no, not at all. Makes you an easier target!
*fwaks with pillow*
Ack! *grabs his pillow and pounces*
I'll fight you for it! Sound effects at dawn!
Whose dawn?
We'll average it out.
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