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Boston Sorcy

kdsorceress in time_n_jaalami

Hell hath frozen over!

Space, Time, and Jaalami:

--Where have you been?--

Kat paid only cursory attention to IM these days. Only the fact that it was from Sor made her accept the message.

--Busy. Long story. How're you?--

Nearly three thousand miles away, Sor sighed, through gritted teeth. She had grown used to her clone being online pretty much any time of the day or night. But in the past two weeks, Kat's appearances online had become rarer and rarer.

--Katters, it's three thirty in the morning! I snuck downstairs just to try and see you! It's been weeeeeeeeeeks!-- Sor rested her chin in her hands moodily, staring at the screen. She realized she was acting almost unforgivably emo, but right now, she didn't much care.

Kat looked down to the corner of Riin where the clock was.

--Sor, what time did you say it was?--


--No, seriously.--

--Ignoring the fact that you can always just scroll up and look, it's three thirty AM. 3:33, to be precise. What's with you and Tho being so ruddy interested in time all of a sudden? You're driving me crazy!--

Kat looked back down at Riin and smiled wickedly. It had to be some sort of sign.

--Sor...-- she started, trying to think of the most infuriating way to put it. --Lets just say that I know something else that you don't.-- Kat snapped closed her laptop with a smirk, and snuck over towards the garage.

Nearly three thousand miles away, Sor muffled her face with a pillow and screamed with frustration.


"...yes, you could arbitrrily set the controls like that, but I don't see why you'd WANT to. Anyways, don't you have ANY clue what time it is?" Tho was pacing his room in his bathrobe, hoping to whatever dieties might be listening that his parents wouldn't walk in and want to know what he was doing on the phone this late at night.

"I happen to know that it is precisely three thirty-three AM." Kat chirped, far too cheery for someone awake at that ungodly hour. "And can you do me a favour and get me Sor's longitude and latitude?"

"Yes but why--" Tho cut himself off midsentence in order to squint at the clock on his desk. "Kat, when you said three thirty, did you mean my time or yours?"

If mad scientists bounced, Kat would've fallen off her chair in glee. "Tho, remember how I broke the time machine?"


"Of course not."

Tho pounded his head gently against the wall. "Did you have a point?"

"Not really. I just may be a genius. What're Sor's coordinates?"

"Why?!" Tho was clutching his head in annoyence by this point, half-wondering if having a time machine was worth the trouble.

"Because she's lonely!"

"Oh, and you're just going to zap over there and visit her, are you?"

"That's the plan. Ha! I knew I had it somewhere!" clutching her prize, Katters scurried to the computer room to get the other half of what she needed.

"Had what? Look Kat, it's three fucking thirty in the morning. This phone call will probably cost a fortune. Can I go to bed?

"Yeah, no problem, just give me Sor's coordinates and I'll let you get back to sleep."

Tho sighed and rattled off the numbers. "I hope you know, you're driving me mad."

"Funny, she said the same thing. ByeTho!" the phone clicked, and Thorog collapsed onto his bed with a sigh of relief. He stared at the ceiling for a few moments, then rolled over on his side and fell asleep. He didn't notice that his clock still said 3:33.


"Katters, you are a GENIUS!" Kat muttered happily as she tinkered together the final bits of her machine. She filed a mental note to thank Zebra later, for introducing her to Assassins, and entered the last bits of data she needed.

Grinning like a loon, she jumped into the fridge and wrapped Taw around her neck for luck. If anything, her grin only intensified as she pressed firmly on the big red button attached to the old toaster.

Sor raised her head from her arms at the sudden noise, trying hard not to look as though she'd been crying. It took her a moment to comprehend what she was staring at, and she felt her brain begin to reel through all the clever things to say to someone who had just appeared in your living room in what looked like a broken refrigerator.

Finally, her mind settled enough for her to speak. Half bewildered, half shocked, and half impressed, she leaned her chin in her hand and said simply "Clone of mine, what HAVE you gotten yourself into this time?"

Katters blinked, and without hesitation replied "A fridge! Why, can't you tell?"

Sor facepalmed.


Fifteen minutes later, the two girls sat side by side on the fridge, drinking soda and talking rapidly.

"So, how'd you get it to come HERE?" Sor asked, leaning her head on her clones shoulder. "I mean, I get all the rest of it. Except the pom-poms. I'm still not exactly sure what's going on there."

"Oh, you'd have to ask Tho about that. And don't call them pom-poms, he gets all touchy about that." Kat took another swig of her soda and went on. "I was listening to this new musical I just bought, Assassins, pretty much all day yesterday --today, really, and I suddenly remembered that there's this band called The Presidents of the United States of America--"

"--Yeah, I've heard of them, didn't Weird Al parody them or something?--"

"--Yeah, Gump. So, I figured that since Assassins is all about killing the president, the two albums would want to be as far apart as possible and repel against each other. Anyways, I rigged up a bit on the time fridge that, when the two CD's repelled, would transmit the energy into momentum. From there, the fridge's power could keep it moving." Katters looked down into the hollow toaster. "Looks like I lost the "Presidents" CD though, so I think we're stuck."

"Don't worry, my dad's got a copy of one of them. I'm sure he won't mind me using it. We can use fishing line to tie it to the fridge or something so we don't lose it again. So, why now? Why not wait until the morning or something?"

Kat waved her hand airily. "Oh, our times finally matched up for some reason.. It was precisely three thirty-three AM for both of us. Tho too, I think. I just took it as a sign."

Sor frowned and pulled out a smallish gold pocketwatch. She examined it for a moment, then held it up to her ear to ensure that it was still ticking.

"Kat, love? Either my watch has stopped working, or we're in a lot more trouble then you and Tho thought."

More then halfway around the world, Tho awoke with a start as his pom-poms crashed about the ceiling, one of them falling and nearly hitting him in the head.

The glowing red letters on his clock still said 3:33.

(((A/N: No, I've no idea who introduced Katters to Assassins. Zeebs just seemed a likely candidate. Also, I'm sorry it's so long --I just needed to get all the pseudoscience in there. Who's next?)))


It was, indeed, Zeebs who introduced me to Assassins. The story goes something like:
"So, Jekyll & Hyde isn't doing it for me like Sweeney Todd did, and therefore I need a new CD. What should I get?"
Except with more exclamation points and probably a few typoes.

Tho gets first claim on this one. And may I just say that you guys obviously hang out with me too much? It's a sign when you write me better than I do.

Well, that's true for me too, I think. I feel like I did a horrible job of writing me --I was being so emo in this bit.
Pah, you were just emo because you were missing me like Z-- well, you know.
Wow. That's just brilliant. :D

Now we've got to work out what comes next.
Thanks! I was exceptionally pleased with that bit of pseudoscience.

I've no idea. The goal is to get you on board, I suspect.

I'll get on your board any day, baby ; )

*horns her way in & throws in her 2 cents worth*

great stuff! i'm glad it's moving forward againgain! ^_^

also, i'm trying to figger out if Thorgo was serious about this & whether it's okay mitt der udders:

Aug 30 19:14:00 Thorog: Guess what Iiiiiii'm doing!
Aug 30 19:14:08 Harena: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Aug 30 19:14:14 Thorog: Writing a chapter for ST&J!
Aug 30 19:14:34 Harena: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Aug 30 19:14:42 Harena: totally yippee!
Aug 30 19:17:42 Thorog: Hehe
Aug 30 19:17:49 Thorog: you should write a guest chapter
Aug 30 19:18:44 Harena: what, me?
Aug 30 19:18:52 Thorog: Yes, you!
Aug 30 19:19:49 Harena: butbutbut.. dunno >.>

And so on.
Totally serious. Guest chapters are the rock. *did one for HJG2*
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